Solar Charger Portable Pocket for Camping, Fishing, 4 Foldable Solar Panels, Solar Phone Charger and Solar Battery Chargers with USB for Electronic Devices, 6.8W, Waterproof ETFE 15 to 20 Year Life

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Tuff Spark: Powering On With Life, Charging Up With The Sun
The TuffSpark Solar Device is a Pocket Charger that's a real Game Changer. Light, thin, and compact with a convenient folding design, this portable, multifunctional power source is a must - particularly if you are traveling. Specially designed to convert energy from the sun into usable, electric current to charge-up power banks, battery backups, and USB electronics, you have the ability to obtain electricity from just about anywhere. While you can use our solar chargers in a multitude of places and situations, these charging accessories are particularly handy for camping, hiking, boating, and road trips when an outlet is nowhere to be found. Furthermore, mini solar panels can literally save your life in the event of a power outage or emergency. When natural sunlight is available, you have the option of recharging these solar powered devices via the accompanying USB port. Our energy-saving, solar phone charger by TuffSpark is easy-to-use. Simply expose the device to sunlight, plug in your battery, cell phone, digital camera, MP3, tablet, or headphones and your electronic device will immediately start charging. Keep it in your car, backpack, purse, or pocket for an eco-friendly and cost-efficient way to charge batteries. Furthermore, the ETFE Coating, increases absorption rate by 5% and can charge between -4F to 158F (-20C to 70C).

Product Description:
(1) Solar battery Charger
(2) Hooks
(1) Data cable
Materials: Solar cell and ETFE laminate is a fluorine-based plastic
Size: 15.63" x 5.6" (fully open), 5.6" x 4" (folded)
Colors: Black and blue

*Please keep in mind that the TuffSpark Solar Paneled Charger is predominantly used to power backup batteries and power banks. You can use it directly with electronics but results may vary in length duration.

NEVER GO WITHOUT A CHARGE: Being stuck somewhere with a dead cell phone or tablet can be a nuisance at the least and a safety risk at the most. The TuffSpark solar charger uses 4 panels and sunlight to produce immediate, electric energy to boost backup batteries, power banks and other electronics. Compact, highly-effective, and convenient, our miniature solar panels are a necessity - particularly for travelers, teenagers, and people who rely heavily on technology. GREAT DESIGN AND BUILD: Boasting four, flexible solar cells with a magnetic clasp, our portable solar battery charger can fold to 5.6" x 4" and is so lightweight and thin, you can carry it in a pant or jacket pocket without that awkward bulk. It can stand on its own or hang from the accompanying carabiners. Finalized with a USB port and cord, the TuffSpark reusable energy battery kit is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, backpacking, skiing, hunting or boating. HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND POWERFUL: The TuffSpark solar phone charger is equipped with an intelligent control chip and continual 5 volt output to ensure no short-circuiting and auto restart function smart enough to detect and reconnect the charging device. The high-functioning solar cells are low-light sensitive and have an efficiency that can range between 21% - 25%. Exposure to direct sunlight will fully charge your phone battery within 2.5 hours while very low sun exposure may take up to 20 hours. PROTECTIVE ETFE LAMINATE: The TuffSpark phone and electronics pocket charger features a unique ETFE coating that is so durable and resilient, it extends the lifespan of our mini solar cells between 15-20 years under normal outdoor conditions. This fluorine-based laminate is self-cleaning, recyclable and safeguards this natural energy device against the elements like sand and dust and is also water-resistant, weather-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. GO GREEN: Save for the fact these backup energy sources and travel usb chargers are incredibly convenient and user-friendly, using renewable solar energy is a safe, eco-friendly alternative for power production that helps reduce the negative impact our everyday activities and amenities have on the planet earth. Opting to use sunlight and solar technology to power up your Iphones, Ipods, Kindles, tablets, and/or mini speakers is energy-efficient AND cost-effective - a win-win for everyone!

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